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At Classic Beauty, we offer effective hair extensions in Auckland that won’t damage your hair. We have a range of options to choose from, and we only use the best hair extension products to ensure you get the best results. Your hair will look even more stunning when your hair extensions are applied, plus we have a range of lengths available to suit your preferences and the look you want to achieve.

Each member of our team has extensive experience applying hair extensions, achieving a range of styles and working with various hair types. Our salon is comfortable and relaxing too, and we are all friendly. Make an appointment for hair extensions in Auckland today.


Expert Hair Stylists in Auckland NZ

The hair extension options we offer in our Auckland salon include:

  • Weft extensions
  • Pre-bonded extensions
  • Micro ring extensions
  • Tape extensions
Weft Extensions
With no glue, heat, chemicals, or tape, weft extensions won’t damage your hair. Applying the hair extensions is a quick process with no discomfort, and there are various colours, lengths, and textures to choose from. We also use highly-quality weft extension products, ensuring the best look and maximum durability.
Pre-Bonded Extensions

Pre-bonded hair extensions are highly durable, so deliver long-lasting results. Pre-bonded hair extensions come pre-dipped in a formula that, once melted, makes it possible to fuse onto your hair. The results can be customised according to the colour and shading you want to achieve

Micro Ring Extensions

With micro ring extensions, there is no need for the application of heat, no braiding, and no glue. Instead, we place the hair extensions onto your hairline and then use rings that are colour coded to attach them to your hair. We also use a specially designed bond. There is a range of options to choose from to give you the colour blend and volume you are looking for. Micro ring extensions last for up to three months.

Tape Extensions

Lash Extension Auckland Wide

This is one of the fastest methods of applying hair extensions. A range of colours and shades are available, including options that are multi-tone. A range of lengths is available too. Tape extensions can be used to add length and volume to your hair and to restore colour.

Book an Appointment Today

To book an appointment for hair extensions at our Auckland salon, or to speak to a member of our team, please get in touch.

Hair Treatments

We offer hair treatments such as deep conditioning and we also relax hair and full hair colour.

Hair deep conditioning from $60

For the deep conditioning, we use oils and a hair mask to moisturize your hair, then we offer and blow-dry and hair straightening to make the hair glow more.

Brazilian keratin from $250 depending on the length of your hair.

Dark in love hair straightening from $180

Classic beauty doesn’t open on Sundays yet.

Tips for Looking After Your Hair Extensions

  • Detangle before you wash using a comb with a wide-tooth. This removes dirt and prepares the extensions for washing.
  • Shampoo your hair, rinse, and then shampoo again by stroking the shampoo into the middle part and ends of your hair instead of scrubbing it in. This will prevent tangles and will also stop the hair extensions from breaking away.
  • When brushing, avoid applying tension to your hair. Instead, start at the bottom and work your way up using a brush with a soft bristle.
  • When going for a swim, either in the sea or in a pool, you’ll need to take extra precautions. This includes soaking your hair with clean water before you go for the swim.

"Always my favorite place to go. Feeling pumped with my eyebrows and eyelashes been done today .. tks"

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"Amazing service. Friendly and professional with exceptional quality. Looking forward to my next visit"

Amy Burton

"Great service at great prices. Lizbeth is professional and has great advice if you need it. Highly recommend coming to Classic Beauty for a wax and nails."

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Lizabete is lovely. Have been seeing her for waxing for over 2 years now.

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The best pedicure ever! I So professional ! Sheryl

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